Krk Island is the largest island in Croatia and on top one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the country! This island pearl is especially famous for its numerous paradisiacal beaches, but there are also many interesting attractions to discover on Krk. And, visitors also love the wide range of activities on offer. Beautiful nature with high mountains, charming coastal towns and of course the unique charm, make this island a real highlight in Croatia. Whether sightseeingculturenaturesports or just relaxing by the sea, there is much to experience on Krk and so every vacationer is guaranteed to get his money’s worth on this vacation island.

In this travel guide you will find all the important information and tips about Krk Island in Croatia. We show you amazing pictures, the best things to do and beaches, and show where you can find great accommodations!

Good to know!

On Krk there are more than 60 villages spread around the island. The largest and most popular resorts are Krk TownMalinskaBaska and Punat.

The best time for a beach vacation is from May to September. At this time, you can enjoy mostly good weather, lots of sun and little rain!

Krk is famed for the countless picturesque bays and bathing places. There are even sandy beaches on the island. Here you can find the most stunning beaches of Krk Island.

Getting to Krk Island is mostly arranged by car via the Krk Bridge. Since 2020 you don’t pay any toll anymore! In addition, the island has its own international airport.

General Information about Krk Island

Krk Island in Croatia is located in the heart of the wonderful Kvarner Bay, south of the historic port city of Rijeka. With a size of 405.78 km², it is about the same size as the neighboring island of Cres and, together with the latter, the largest island in the Croatian archipelago. Since ancient times Krk has been called the “Golden Island” and even today it proudly bears this pretty nickname. A special feature are indeed the many “golden” sunny days, and so you can enjoy a Mediterranean climate and fantastic weather with about 2,500 hours of sunshine a year during a vacation on Krk in Croatia!

The landmark is the bridge of Krk, the Krčki most, which connects the island with the mainland since the year 1980 and allows a convenient arrival by car. However, it is mainly the breathtaking beaches, the countless possibilities of activities such as hiking, biking and kayaking and the many astounding attractions that make Krk a true vacation paradise. In addition, visitors can enjoy a great tourist offer with good accommodation, hotels, and campsites that guarantee an unforgettable vacation on the Adriatic Sea.

Best Things to Do in Krk Island

During a visit to Krk there are numerous beautiful places, natural sites and historical attractions to discover. Here we have summarized all the best things to do and the most amazing attractions of Krk Island for you at a glance:

Krk Town

One of the most beautiful places on the island of Krk is definitely Krk Town with its gorgeous old town. Among the most interesting attractions are the Frankopan Castle with the imposing fortress wall, the picturesque main square “Placa Vela” and the Assumption Cathedral with the beautiful onion tower. During a walk through the historic center, one strolls through a labyrinth of stone alleys, discovers small boutiques and galleries and marvels at the unique medieval flair. The picturesque harbor is also particularly pretty, where cozy cafésbars and restaurants invite you to relax.

However, Krk Town is not only popular as an excursion destination! The island capital is also a famous vacation destination on the island, where numerous gorgeous beaches along the picturesque coastline are just perfect to linger.

Tip: A real insider tip for a vacation on Krk Island are the lovely mobile homes at the Ježevac campsite and the inexpensive vacation apartments at the beautiful VilaVeja.


The wine town of Vrbnik is definitely one of the most stunning places to visit in Krk Island. Particularly impressive is the historic old town, which was built on a rock almost 50 meters high above the coast. Directly in the center there are also many monuments, buildings and churches to admire. A small highlight is the tiny alley Klancic because with a width of only 40 cm it is one of the narrowest alleys in the world. However, Vrbnik is most beautiful in the evening, when the wine bars and restaurants open and invite you to enjoy the great view.

But the beaches of Vrbnik are also spectacular, and a perfect place for a beach vacation on the island! Along the coast there are breathtaking natural bays, and even a beautiful sandy beach is located not far from the town.

Tip: If you are still looking for a nice small hotel, we can recommend the Hotel Vinotel Gospoja with a fabulous view of the sea and close to the old town.


Absolutely spectacular is definitely the famous resort Baska in the south of the island of Krk. The former fishing village lies in a scenic landscape and attracts with numerous paradisiacal beaches as well as a wonderfully pretty old town, whose houses were built close to the sea. Along the promenade of the charming harbor, you will find numerous good restaurants and cozy cafés. But also the alleys of the colorful old town are enchanting, and you will discover charming squares, galleriesmuseums, and even a small aquarium is situated in Baska. A highlight in the center is the Hotel Heritage Forza, which scores with tasteful furnishings and its own beach area.

Around the town there is an impressive mountain range, where you can go on great hikes and bike rides. A real vacation magnet, however, is the Vela Plaza, an approximately 2-kilometer-long white pebble beach with fantastic turquoise-blue sea colors and the incredibly beautiful natural bays in the immediate vicinity.

Tip: In Baska there are many good accommodations for a vacation on Krk. Truly recommended are the Toni Apartments, just a few steps from the main beach.

Vela Luka Bay

A visit to Vela Luka Bay is definitely one of the most impressive things to do in Krk Island. This picturesque natural beach is located in an incredibly fascinating landscape, as picturesque and unique as from a travel magazine. This jewel can be reached by taxi boat or by an unforgettable hike through the karstic mountains. Many people spend their bathing day there or enjoy in the culinary delights of the small taverna. The most beautiful view can be experienced from Rebica Viewpoint, where you can see the two bays, Vela Luka and Mala Luka.

The hike to Vela Luka bay takes about 1.5 hours from Baska. For this, you can choose between two routes. Beautiful is the hiking trail No. 9 across the mountains, or the trail No. 8 along the coast and further through the Vrzenica gorge.

Stalactite Cave Biserujka špilja

The stalactite cave Biserujka špilja, also known as Vitezić cave, is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Krk Island and, moreover, a fantastic tip for an excursion on rainy weather. With a guided tour, you can explore a small, but no less worth seeing 110 meters long and only 12 meters wide dripstone cave with numerous breathtaking stalactites. The temperature is only around 15 degrees all year round, making it a welcome change on hot summer days.

Tip: Guided tours of the stalactite cave take place every 20 minutes daily. Cheap admission tickets are also available online at GetyourGuide!

Coast of Stara Baska

Stara Baska is a real insider’s tip on Krk Island. This tiny little village of 100 inhabitants is located in the south of the island and enchants above all with a breathtakingly beautiful coastal landscape. On a length of about 3 kilometers you will find true dream bays, which together with the karstic mountains conjure up a phenomenal landscape. Not only beautiful to look at, you can also spend unforgettable bathing days at the picturesque natural beaches in Stara Baska. In addition, the sea in this region is extremely clear and also the opportunities for snorkeling are outstanding.

Tip: In the fishing village you can also find some pretty accommodations, which are ideally suited for a quiet stay on Krk. The apartments of the Sunshine Residence are a real insider tip!


One of the best places to visit in Krk Island is the pretty Omisalj, a charming coastal town and at the same time a popular vacation resort on the island. A must-see is definitely the historic old town, which is perched on an 80-meter-high rock and where you can explore numerous pretty attractions during a leisurely stroll through town. Nearby are also archeological sites from the 3rd century, which makes this city the oldest settlement on the island. On top of that, the many wonderful beaches around Omisalj are great, offering fabulous conditions for a beach vacation. Camping fans also get their money’s worth at the newly built Omisalj campsite.

Tip: At the campsite Omisalj you will find really modern mobile homes, where you can choose between different standards.

Village Dobrinj

One of the most romantic places to visit on Krk Island is definitely the village of Dobrinj. It is situated in a picturesque location on a 200-meter-high hill and was famous in the past as the center of writing. Today, this picturesque village is a popular destination for excursions on the vacation island of Krk. Walking around, you will be amazed by the old stone townhouses and the unique charm that surrounds this hamlet. Beautiful and the most important attraction is the parish church of St. Stephen from the 12th century, from whose terrace you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the island.


Malinska is one of the most popular resorts on Krk Island. Beautiful is the picturesque center with the pretty harbor, where numerous good restaurants, bars and cafés provide unique flair. Guests love the special nostalgic charm that this former fishing village has always been able to preserve. A real highlight is the kilometer-long waterfront promenade, which invites you to romantic walks. Along it, there are always stunning beaches and charming bays that are ideal for a beach vacation. Also, some of the best hotels on Krk Island are located directly on the coast of Malinska and are a guarantee for unforgettable vacations.

Tip: Really fabulous and a wonderful choice for an exceptional stay in Krk Island is the Luxury Hotel Riva, a fantastic 5-star hotel in the best location!

Monastery Island Otocic Kosljun (Punat)

The Otocic Kosljun Island is a beautiful monastery island near the picturesque vacation paradise of Punat and a visit is definitely a must-do in Krk Island. This impressive landmark is located in the middle of Punat Bay, just a few hundred meters from the coast of the resort. Several times a day, excursions by taxi boat to the small island are offered from the port. Really worth seeing there are the historically important St. Mary’s Monastery with its cloister, the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation and the Ethnographic Museum, where historical pieces of the islanders are exhibited.

Baska Viewpoint & Lighthouse

The most spectacular viewpoint on the island of Krk is definitely Baska Viewpoint. This is located on the outskirts of the resort of Baska and can be reached via a short 20-minute hike from the main beach, Vela Plaza. From the top, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the coast, where the turquoise sea forms a breathtaking backdrop together with the mountains. If you like, you can hike from the viewpoint to the red lighthouse next to the natural bay Skuljica. Here visitors enjoy the unique nature while bathing and on top of that, a magnificent view of the vulture island Prvic on the opposite side.

Glavotok Monastery

The monastery Glavotok is a hidden jewel of the island. Located in the west of Krk, this place of worship has been run by the Franciscans, the so-called Glagolitza monks, for 550 years. The idyllic location directly on the sea, next to a tiny romantic fishing harbor, is especially beautiful. You can visit the single-nave Renaissance-style church also from the inside, where there is a beautiful main altar. Just a few steps from the monastery, there is also a picturesque bay, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Beaches on Krk Island

The absolute highlights are, of course, the many stunning beaches of Krk Island. They attract numerous visitors from all over the world to the popular vacation island in the summer to spend their well-deserved beach vacations. On a coastline of about 200 kilometers, there are more than 100 beaches and bathing places to choose from – one bay more beautiful than the other! Most of these beaches are pebble coves, rocky and stony beaches, surrounded by picturesque scenery and with gorgeous sea colors. Even velvety sandy beaches can be experienced during a vacation on Krk!


The small town of Njivice is considered by connoisseurs to be one of the most idyllic vacation resorts on Krk Island. The tourist center forms the picturesque fishing harbor with the colorful town houses. The cozy atmosphere there is truly enchanting, which is best enjoyed in one of the excellent restaurants or cozy cafés. On a coastline of almost 3 kilometers, visitors can also enjoy numerous idyllic beaches and pretty bays, which are all lined up along a beautiful promenade.

Tip: The Apartment Iva is a great choice for a perfect stay. Guests love the quiet location in the center, the proximity to the beach, and the tasteful decor!

Fulfinum Mirine

Fulfinum Mirine is located in the bay of Sepen and is certainly one of the most interesting archaeological sites on the island of Krk. Here you can discover many remains of the former Roman settlement from the 1st century. Although some parts of the ruined city have already sunk into the sea, beautiful is the imposing cross-shaped basilica from the 5th century, which is still in excellent condition. Truly picturesque is also the romantic hiking trail that leads to the Archaeological Park and the beautiful coastline, which invites to swim, especially in summer.

Where to Stay on Krk Island

Krk Island offers its visitors a wide range of fantastic accommodations. From gorgeous beach hotels, cute guesthouses, fabulous apartments and top-equipped campsites, everything is represented here. Here are our recommendations for the best places to stay on Krk Island…It’s worth a look!

  • Mobile-Homes (Krk Town): The Mobile-Homes from campsite Ježevac are a great choice for a vacation. Everything is very well maintained and the beach is beautiful.
  • Vacation House (Punat): The Holiday House Pulina is a small, pretty vacation house with a pool in a quiet location. Perfect for a relaxing vacation in a wonderful idyll!
  • Apartment (Njivice): The Apartment Iva is a lovely vacation apartment in Njivice. Guests love the quiet location in the center, the proximity to the beach and the tasteful furnishings!
  • 4-Star Hotel (Malinska): The Hotel Riva is a real insider tip. Beautiful here is the location by the sea with the olive trees as shade places, and the delicious breakfast.

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